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Other Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Tools

We stock a wide range of other bonsai tools such as Bonsai Jin Pliers, Coir brushes, branch jacks and
other general bonsai accessories.
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Bonsai Tree Coir Brush This bonsai tree tool is often understated and is great for gently cleaning debris from the surface of the bonsai soil. Made from natural fibre and long lasting is is a low...
50 in stock
Bonsai Coir Brush, bonsai coco brush
Bonsai Tree Root Hook Opening the root ball of a bonsai tree is essential when repotting.  These use of a bonsai tree root hook makes this easier and helps untangle the roots with...
Sold Out
Bonsai Tree Root Hook for Repotting Trees
Tweezers and Spatula Bonsai Tool Useful and very popular bonsai tweezers and spatula combination tool.  Made from durable stainless steel with an overall length of 205mm. Great for...
3 in stock
Bonsai Tree Tweezers and Spatula Combo Tool | York Bonsai
Ryuga Bonsai Tree Root Hook Ryuga bonsai tree tools are a new brand that offer Japanese quality at affordable prices.  This wooden handled bonsai repotting root hook is comfortable...
3 in stock
Ryuga 220mm Bonsai Tree Root Hook - Bonsai Tools
Nylon Bonsai Tree Jin Cleaning Brush Well built and durable nylon cleaning brush specially designed for bonsai trees. The nylon bristles gently remove dirt, moss and more with limited risk of...
5 in stock
Nylon Bonsai Cleaning Brush, care for bonsai
Ryuga Bonsai Grafting Knife This great quality bonsai grafting knife is part of our Ryuga Bonsai Tool range. Bamboo handle with an inserted blade is held securely in place. The handle parts to...
3 in stock
Ryuga 210mm Bonsai Tree Grafting Knife
Bonsai Jin Cleaning Brush in Brass A stronger style of cleaning brush with brass bristles to allow effective cleaning of bark and jins. This style of brush is the stronger type and allows for more...
4 in stock
Bonsai Jin Cleaning brush, bonsai jin brush
Bonsai Tree Root Cutters These carbon steel bonsai root cutters are an excellent bonsai tool that are used to help thin the root ball when repotting trees.  Heavy roots are removed with ease...
1 in stock
Bonsai Tree Root Cutters, Ryuga Bonsai Tools
You are viewing results 1 to 8 of 8
Rectangular Bonsai Tree Turntable Professional Heavy Duty Rectangular Bonsai Turntable £67.20 Bonsai Tree Turntable - Rectangular This...
weatherproof Round Bonsai Tree Turntable Professional Heavy Duty Round Bonsai Turntable £44.95 Bonsai Tree Turntable - Round This round heavy...
TWIN TRUNK JAPANESE MAPLE BONSAI TREE Twin Trunk Maple Bonsai Tree £1,150.00 Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree **COLLECTION ONLY...
Bulk Buy Bonsai Tree Scissors 10 x Bonsai Tree Pruning Scissors £15.10 Bulk Buy Bonsai Tree Pruning Scissors Save...
Bonsai Jin Carving Tool - Bonsai Tools 195mm Ryuga Bonsai Tree Carving Tool £8.90 Bonsai Tree Jin Carving Tool Nice size 195mm...
Bonsai Tree Jin Pliers | Bonsai Tools 230mm Bonsai Tree Jin Pliers £15.10 Bonsai Tree Jin Pliers A great bonsai tree...
Bonsai Coir Brush, bonsai coco brush Bonsai Tree Coir Brush £2.80 Bonsai Tree Coir Brush This bonsai tree tool...