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Bonsai Care

We have a number of bonsai care and advice guides available for free download in PDF format (bottom of page)

The information we have listed is based on our experience and the main key principles of looking after a bonsai tree
such as they need water, light and food.  If you live somewhere wet hen adjust the watering to balance, if you live somewhere
warm then the food intake may be higher as the trees may grow faster.

Please feel free to use this information and contact us if there are any other areas you would like to know about and
we will upload a document as soon as we can.  If you feel you have found something that works well then let us know if
you want it shared and we will give you the on line credit for that information.

files/graphics/filetypes/pdfRepotting Guide - 79kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfGeneral Bonsai Tree Care - 77kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfChinese Elm Care Guide - 110kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfSerissa Care Guide - 109kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfLigustrum Care Guide - 110kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfbasic_care_guide_-_holly.pdf - 74kb
Download this file
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfshaping_foliage_pads_for_coniferous_trees.pdf - 21652kb
Download this file
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All bonsai trees need their roots in something that allows them to draw moisture, nutrients and to keep them stable. They also need a degree of oxygen around the roots to keep them healthy. ...
There are a wide selection of bonsai tools available and at varying prices. It is very easy to spend a lot of money on tools that you may not need or there might be bonsai tools that you could add to...
Bonsai trees are plants and like any other plants and trees they needs light, water, nutrients and the right temperature to grown. These elements will be dependent on where you live and other factors...
I get a lot of questions regarding how to water and care for bonsai trees; as this is arguably one of the most important aspects of bonsai, particular indoor bonsai trees, I thought it was worth a...
An article we found by chance that makes a lot of sense and is very easy to understand.  It explains how to develop leaf pads and ramification.
Chinese Elm bonsai trees are among the most popular and easy to care trees. They offer great tolerance which makes them ideal trees for those starting in bonsai; older specimens are often magnificent...
The Illex Crenata is the evergreen variety of the Japanese Holly (Ilex Serrata is the deciduous variety) and has naturally small leaves. The tree produces tiny white flowers and the female can...
Ligustrum bonsai trees are similar in habitat to Chinese Elms but are more included to be less deciduous than the Elms. These semi evergreen bonsai trees are semi hardy once hardened off and...
Looking after the Serissa Bonsai Tree (Serissa Foetida) – a basic guide to caring for bonsai Serissa are a popular indoor bonsai tree that is also known as the ‘Tree of a...
Is there such a thing as a bonsai seed?  A seed that you plant, care for and in return it grows into a miniature version of one of nature’s masterpieces?   It’s probably...
The Principles In order to understand why, when and how we repot bonsai trees it is worth understanding what the bonsai tree roots do. Roots serve a number of functions – they secure...
You are viewing results 1 to 11 of 11

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